time2The renowned motivational speaker, Dr. Mike Murdock said, “I’ve never met a poor person that values time and I’ve never met a rich person that didn’t value time”. That hit me like a ton of bricks sitting at his conference in 2000. He was talking about the difference between wealth and poverty. For me, that settled it!

My attitude to time changed because I began to understand the domino effect of time and its natural connection to wealth creation. It’s a well oiled system.

If I promised to deliver goods to you at 2 pm and don’t, then you get to disappoint others because I disappointed you…a chain reaction begins…hence a delay in the movement of money and value. This delay is room for poverty. I saw it clearly.

13 years later, I have a better understanding of Dr. Murdock’s point. What’s truly amazing is the connection between wealth and time.

Time is an instrument of trust and trust is social capital. When you disrespect other people’s time, you eventually lose trust because you cannot be counted on…you’re messing with their money.


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