Corruption 4.0

corrupt5Integrity is not designed to make us ‘good’ boys and girls. It’s got to be worthwhile. In my view: power, creativity and profit make it ‘pop’.

Corruption is a well organized system, so if you don’t have that or greater level of sophistication, you probably don’t stand a chance in advancing otherwise.

Integrity without power is fraud. In this case, power is displayed when who you are has the capacity to back up your ideology and guarantee desired results. Integrity is not an emotional issue. The power to deliver is vital.

Creativity is the ability to propose a better way that works. You can’t just cry foul and leave people hanging dry. If pornography is wrong, what alternative do you have that matches or overwhelms the pleasure that pornography gives?

Humanity is reward-driven. It’s natural. Farmers don’t toil during the sowing season to show their sweet kindness to mother earth; they expect harvest. The absence of profit (long or short term) makes integrity unattractive.

This deal requires the wisdom to skillfully show how right is more profitable than wrong. It’s one way to permanently change a corrupt mindset. Integrity without profit is a joke.


Corruption 3.0

corrupt4The report of scandals involving public leaders is common news. Someone is always ‘losing’ it. These events no longer shock me. It dawned on me that leaders are people and people are crazy.

You cannot give what you don’t have. This applies to everyone. A leader in public office gives who they are. I’m amazed that people expect them to change once they assume office. It may not work.

A corrupt leader may never change in office. Like I said in an earlier blog note (Corruption), personal growth is the antidote for corruption. If the leader has not developed in character and capacity to see alternative, non-corrupt ways to achieve results, don’t expect different.  As a leader, you do what you know to do.

Leadership is YOU. It’s not a cute byline. This simple concept affects everything. If you’ve not developed in an area, you’re not enabled to perform in that area. I’m not a pro-golfer. I’ve not grown that skill. Tiger Woods would kick my butt any day!

Corruption 2.0

corrupt3In fairness to leaders in public office, corruption is a deep-rooted system in many societies. This system has brought profit and joy to those involved for many years…and the beneficiaries do not want it changed.


You see, the system is proven. It guarantees results. In dealing with the issue of corruption, this fact cannot be ignored. That’s why it feels like fighting a beast that grows three new heads after you’ve cut one off.

Now, how do you convince a leader that has proven a system for 20 or 30 years that your new system of integrity works? Let’s be realistic. It takes time, effort and proof. I believe this is where ‘moralists’ miss it. People will seldom abandon a system that has worked for them over a prolonged period for something that they’re not sure about.

I understand the devastating effects of corruption and I do not support it. However, to overlook it’s reality in society’s wiring would be foolish. I acknowledge it for what it is and realize its impact.


corrupt2This subject is broad and controversial. Hence, I’ve narrowed my focus down to corruption in leadership, especially as regards to those in public office. I won’t take a moralist approach; I don’t see the need.

I live in Africa where corruption is common. However, it’s unintelligent to think that corruption is an African problem alone. It’s a global issue.

This is my take on corruption, at least for now. It could change with time.

As much as the idea of a corrupt-free society is romantic, I’m afraid that corruption is here to stay. Like the co-existence of good and evil, it’s an element that won’t just disappear on a wish.

Two years ago on my blog, I defined corruption as a low mental capacity; where an individual or institution lacks the mental capacity to make honest gain without stealing from, defrauding or hurting others. Taking it further, I’m now convinced that corruption is the lack and/or refusal of personal growth in an area.

The antidote for corruption is personal growth. Now the debate begins, does the lack of growth in an area of the leader’s life mean he/she is corrupt? See the Corruption series.

Fool’s Gold

fools_maskFew weeks after my book, Fit To Lead, got published, I was seated at lunch with the P.A of a prominent leader. I gave him a copy of my book; he got excited and wanted me to meet with his boss. I refused. The young man was shocked.

I was not ready to meet this leader. It’s one thing to meet with President Obama, take photos with him and never make it back to the White House. And it’s another to make a lasting impact and be a frequent guest.

As far as opportunities go, I’ve identified two types: fertile and sterile opportunities. The former has the domino effect; one thing leads to another and you’re better off with time. The latter ends quickly and leaves you with not much…or maybe autographs only.

I’m not saying that every contact should lead to a major business deal. However, it is vital to understand the nature of opportunities. That way we become skilled at spotting and enjoying them.

Perfect Fit

scope4Every time I disobey my brand, I suffer. When you’ve lived long enough, you begin to realize the importance of what works for you. Over time you become a brand and what suits you changes as you evolve.

Furthermore, not every opportunity works for your brand. The TV personality, Flavor Flav and singer John Legend are two different brand names and the opportunity that each man gets equals their identity.

Ignorance works against my brand; for some folks, its bliss. When I feel that the level of enlightenment is low, my mind is starved. Hence, I read a lot and connect with people that take me higher…staying fresh is vital. Knowing is delicious.

This ‘simple’ element affects the opportunities that come my way. My freshness level determines the nature of my conversations and access to platforms that I enjoy.

Opportunities that don’t fit your brand can be draining and could be the cause of the chronic tiredness which is now common. I’m completely exhausted whenever I engage in activities that go against my brand. I know we’re different, but we might be in the same boat.


zoetheoneZoe Saldana (Cateleya) was amazing in the movie, Colombiana. Her weaponry skills were on point. She was a really good sniper. An effective sniper is calculative and is careful to select the right gun, observe the distance, wind strength, etc. There’s precision to the art…opportunities are no different.

Seizing an opportunity is an art. It is planned for and does not just happen. Skill is required. An opportunity is the collision of time and skill in order to take you to the next level. You want to be prepared.

In the last five years, how many chances have you missed and why? I’m not trying to send you on a guilt trip…don’t pack! Sometimes facing reality helps us move forward faster…and don’t worry, there are so many more ahead. It’s such a joy to know that you can schedule opportunities…it’s called setting goals.

There’s more though. In addition, it helps a great deal to find the thinking that would help you achieve your goals. Once you find the right thought system, it’s a home run!