vision1To a typical 3 year old, a diamond rock is just another toy. The toddler is ill equipped to assess the real value of the stone in hand due to his capacity to comprehend. That’s how scope works; opportunities are enjoyed or lost based on your range of vision…how far you see; your scope.

I’m huge on this subject because I understand its effect. Narrow scope can turn an awesome opportunity sour while a broad scope makes a simple chance bring explosive benefits.

Broadly speaking, your scope is determined by people, knowledge quality and cultural affiliation.

“Birds of a feather flock together”…you don’t hang with turkeys and wonder why you’ve been roasted for thanksgiving dinner. The people in your circle set your scope…they determine what you see about life.

Knowledge is mind food. Like regular food, there’s good and bad cooking. When you eat a great mind meal, your consciousness rises; you see more and make better decisions. High quality knowledge naturally sets you apart and makes life easier.

Culture is perhaps the greatest sharper of scope. Deeply held beliefs by the group(s) that you belong enlightens or blinds you.

Scope is everything!


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