Perfect Fit

scope4Every time I disobey my brand, I suffer. When you’ve lived long enough, you begin to realize the importance of what works for you. Over time you become a brand and what suits you changes as you evolve.

Furthermore, not every opportunity works for your brand. The TV personality, Flavor Flav and singer John Legend are two different brand names and the opportunity that each man gets equals their identity.

Ignorance works against my brand; for some folks, its bliss. When I feel that the level of enlightenment is low, my mind is starved. Hence, I read a lot and connect with people that take me higher…staying fresh is vital. Knowing is delicious.

This ‘simple’ element affects the opportunities that come my way. My freshness level determines the nature of my conversations and access to platforms that I enjoy.

Opportunities that don’t fit your brand can be draining and could be the cause of the chronic tiredness which is now common. I’m completely exhausted whenever I engage in activities that go against my brand. I know we’re different, but we might be in the same boat.


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