Corruption 2.0

corrupt3In fairness to leaders in public office, corruption is a deep-rooted system in many societies. This system has brought profit and joy to those involved for many years…and the beneficiaries do not want it changed.


You see, the system is proven. It guarantees results. In dealing with the issue of corruption, this fact cannot be ignored. That’s why it feels like fighting a beast that grows three new heads after you’ve cut one off.

Now, how do you convince a leader that has proven a system for 20 or 30 years that your new system of integrity works? Let’s be realistic. It takes time, effort and proof. I believe this is where ‘moralists’ miss it. People will seldom abandon a system that has worked for them over a prolonged period for something that they’re not sure about.

I understand the devastating effects of corruption and I do not support it. However, to overlook it’s reality in society’s wiring would be foolish. I acknowledge it for what it is and realize its impact.


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