Corruption 3.0

corrupt4The report of scandals involving public leaders is common news. Someone is always ‘losing’ it. These events no longer shock me. It dawned on me that leaders are people and people are crazy.

You cannot give what you don’t have. This applies to everyone. A leader in public office gives who they are. I’m amazed that people expect them to change once they assume office. It may not work.

A corrupt leader may never change in office. Like I said in an earlier blog note (Corruption), personal growth is the antidote for corruption. If the leader has not developed in character and capacity to see alternative, non-corrupt ways to achieve results, don’t expect different.  As a leader, you do what you know to do.

Leadership is YOU. It’s not a cute byline. This simple concept affects everything. If you’ve not developed in an area, you’re not enabled to perform in that area. I’m not a pro-golfer. I’ve not grown that skill. Tiger Woods would kick my butt any day!


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