Corruption 4.0

corrupt5Integrity is not designed to make us ‘good’ boys and girls. It’s got to be worthwhile. In my view: power, creativity and profit make it ‘pop’.

Corruption is a well organized system, so if you don’t have that or greater level of sophistication, you probably don’t stand a chance in advancing otherwise.

Integrity without power is fraud. In this case, power is displayed when who you are has the capacity to back up your ideology and guarantee desired results. Integrity is not an emotional issue. The power to deliver is vital.

Creativity is the ability to propose a better way that works. You can’t just cry foul and leave people hanging dry. If pornography is wrong, what alternative do you have that matches or overwhelms the pleasure that pornography gives?

Humanity is reward-driven. It’s natural. Farmers don’t toil during the sowing season to show their sweet kindness to mother earth; they expect harvest. The absence of profit (long or short term) makes integrity unattractive.

This deal requires the wisdom to skillfully show how right is more profitable than wrong. It’s one way to permanently change a corrupt mindset. Integrity without profit is a joke.


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