Fool’s Gold

fools_maskFew weeks after my book, Fit To Lead, got published, I was seated at lunch with the P.A of a prominent leader. I gave him a copy of my book; he got excited and wanted me to meet with his boss. I refused. The young man was shocked.

I was not ready to meet this leader. It’s one thing to meet with President Obama, take photos with him and never make it back to the White House. And it’s another to make a lasting impact and be a frequent guest.

As far as opportunities go, I’ve identified two types: fertile and sterile opportunities. The former has the domino effect; one thing leads to another and you’re better off with time. The latter ends quickly and leaves you with not much…or maybe autographs only.

I’m not saying that every contact should lead to a major business deal. However, it is vital to understand the nature of opportunities. That way we become skilled at spotting and enjoying them.


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