Bitter or Sweet

nick-vujicic-2011-1-30-6-40-10We all have a story. It’s usually a good mix of the good, bad and ugly. They say, “What does not kill you makes you stronger”. That may be true. For some, what does not kill them leaves them bitter.

Life is crazy.

Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. Needless to say, his childhood was tough. His situation seemed impossible and he had every reason to be bitter. Fast forward…now he’s a renowned motivational speaker, author, father and married to a beautiful woman.

At some point, you have to choose who your experiences make you. Do you become an angry, bitter individual because you suffered a bad experience? Or do you become a sweeter person who nourishes and uplifts others in their times of pain? You choose.

Granted, assuming a positive position after a painful experience can be tough and could take some time; no doubt. I won’t be insensitive. Also, I know that staying bitter robs you and the world of the awesomeness of you.

As you wade through the hurt and complexities of the pain, firmly resolve to become a sweet soul; a fine breed.


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