Hidden Treasures

Paulo CoelhoSome years ago, after speaking at a conference, a young lady walked up to me and asked, “Must one go through pain to attain greatness?” I instinctively replied, “I don’t know anyone who didn’t”.

I’m currently reading Paulo Coelho’s authorized biography, A Warrior’s Life. He is now famous, but his journey was not easy; he suffered many things. Buried in all that pain was one of the greatest writers of our time who has sold over a 100million copies of his books. Someone once said, “Locked up in the mocked, is the made”.

Pain is a refiner. Like the fire that purifies gold, it helps identify what’s not working for you. This way you are able to identify areas of change and act accordingly. If well managed, the best of you emerges from pressure.

Except you derive some pleasure from it, I don’t think pain is fun. However, it’s functional. You’re gold and for you to be marketable, the process of refinement is necessary.

Time, heat and pressure makes a rough stone precious…and yes, it may not be fun, but it’s worth it.


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