When it Hurts

pain2Like you, I know pain.

It’s that sick, annoying feeling that drives you nuts; the place between insanity and agony. Varying in intensity, it’s the discomfort beyond discomfort…sometimes indescribable.

It eludes no one, even leaders. In a weird way, it’s an equalizer. The rich guy gone bankrupt suddenly understands how it feels to be penniless or vice versa. Interesting how good and bad can cause pain…like clean water making you sick just as much as dirty water.

Pain is intimate. What causes you pain, may affect me differently. In the same stroke, humanity agrees on what generally hurts.

Sadly or not, effective leaders come pain-ready. There’s a clear understanding that people are at different levels of growth and this difference makes pain inevitable.

They say paradise is painless; can’t wait to catch that ride. Meanwhile, I’ve got life to do and so do you. So flip the script and make pain work for you.


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