Imperfectly Perfect


Breaking News!

The era of the perfect leader is over.

The traditional notion of leadership has been the upright character with no visible flaws, impeccable record and ultimately a moral compass. These individuals are designed to show no cracks and we are not to see them break a sweat.

It’s different now.

By age 25, the average leader has been through enough changes to last nine lifetimes. Hence, s/he is no stranger to the zone called complicated. Life is not black or white and decisions are not simple. Flaws are glaring and perfection is nowhere in sight.

In all that mess, this new leader is required to show up at work and lead effectively. This is the new reality.

Leadership principles still apply, but the challenge is that it makes little sense to the new leader. They’re yet to figure out how to grow into these ideals.

There is hope.

The world still needs leaders and this new crew is up to the task. However, in order to help them, we must first acknowledge their reality. Being pressed for time, they have to be trained to lead as they grow.


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