The Gap

thegap2Frustration is the difference between desire and capacity.

At 14, I wanted a red Porsche Carrera 911 – badly. I didn’t care about my age, I just wanted the car. Guess what? I didn’t get it. Why? I didn’t have the financial or emotional capacity to handle such a luxury item albeit my desire.

Dreamers easily fall into this trap. Sometimes, they spend so much time on the flowery ecstasy of their desires and forget the tough job of building capacity. I would have been a proud owner of a Porsche car if my capacity matched my desire.

This is the trick

First decide what you want, and then proceed to building the capacity required to make it happen.

Muhammad Ali (The Greatest) decided to become a World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion and started waking up early to run 6 miles daily. The basketball icon, Michael Jordan, showed similar commitment; he would practice for five hours, five days a week during off season.

Dreams come true when pursued intelligently. You can get what you what if you’re able to close the gap.


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