The Storm

thestorm2Katrina is a lady that’s made her mark in history. When she hit Louisiana in August 2005, the effect was significant and life altering for many. She came in a rage. Also, she went. That’s what I find interesting. Every storm passes.

I’m yet to hear about a hurricane that hit an area and lasted forever. Every storm is designed to end, even the one you’re currently going through right now.

I look back on my journey and recall some storms that I encountered. I thought they would never end. Even amidst all the ‘stay positive’ talk, I just didn’t see it at the time. I was too deep in the mess to dance with cheerleaders. I felt there was nothing to smile about.

Fast forward – and here I am, calmly writing about a time when calm was pure luxury. I’m even smiling.

Every storm ends. Life is full of them, but now I know better. Katrina came and went…they always go. If you’re going through a storm, remember the ancient saying, “this too shall pass”.


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