Never Alone

neveralone4Have you seen the movie, The Best Man Holiday? It was my favorite movie this past holiday season. Great picture! It had one clear message: it is unwise to go through life’s struggles alone. Find someone, a pet…anybody. It really helps.

Interestingly, they showed how men need a support system just as much as women. Traditionally, men go into their ‘caves’ to deal with their issues, and then come out to face the world. Well, now if you’re to effectively deal with a ‘hangover’, you need a ‘wolf pack’.

Doing life’s journey alone can be a sad experience. For one, it’s not cool to be tied to your own view alone. Life’s freshness lies in the mingling of perspectives. Others see what you do not see…that’s very sexy!

Each one of us bears a mystery to life that no one else possesses. Our uniqueness makes us worthwhile, especially in adversity. Trouble meets its match when we come together.

Also, you have someone to lift you up when you’re low; someone to tell you the truth about you when you’re blinded by the mess.


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