Hard Questions

hardquestionsSelf deception in adversity is easy. Just like marriage, trouble demands only one thing – authenticity. The less authentic you are, the deeper you get into the mess. At some point, you must put aside your fake self and face the real you. I’ve learned to ask myself the hard questions whenever I’m faced with trouble.

What was your role in creating the mess? Where did you miss it? Did you say inappropriate words? Were you impatient? Were you disrespectful? Were you ignorant? Did you have the wrong attitude or approach?

I discovered that the hard questions produce the best answers and can shorten the time spent in trouble. Also, you attain clarity and move forward faster.

There’s an African proverb that says, “The man who asks questions will never miss his way”. Adversity is life pushing for the real you. It makes you assess why you do what you do. If you co-operate with the process, the results are truly amazing.


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