ROOTSWho made you? What made you? What shaped you? As we advance in technology and culture, we ultimately display the intricacies of our background. It’s automatic unless we make a conscious effort to effect change.

Recently, I was speaking with a friend who expressed frustration with her boss. “But he’s well travelled”, she said, “I don’t understand why he’s being crazy”. In her view, the exposure that her boss enjoys should change his behavior.

Well, travel is not exposure. It’s an opportunity for exposure. Also, extensive travel, exotic people and a brilliant corporate experience often does little to change hard core, deeply rooted thought and behavioral patterns.

We are repeatedly fooled to think we’re making independent choices void of root influence. It’s a case of taking the man out of the village, but not the village out of the man. These influences are stronger than you think. It’s sad to see people struggle with background issues that they have no clue exist.

What’s at the core of your being will change when you decided to confront it. You might want to do a background check to help you out. Just saying!


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