Sweet Pain

sweet-pain-12078This will be graphic.

His scrotal sack left me in shock. It was the size of three basketballs put together. For many years, the young man walked around with a medical condition of an enlarged scrotum. I watched the medical show with my jaw on ‘the floor’. How could he live like that? It was so sad.

As the show progressed, the doctors found a way to safely remove the mass and restore the man to normalcy. Good news right?

Then something amazing happened.

On the day of the surgery, the man started crying.


He didn’t want the surgery. He had grown comfortable living that way and was scared of the change.

I went crazy!

I was done…walked off in anger…couldn’t believe it.

On further thought, I understood his position though. It’s strange, but not uncommon. Sometimes people would rather stay in pain than change. They argue that, “the devil you know is better than the angel you’ve never met”.


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