brickOnce upon a time in my MBA class on Business Ethics & Culture, my professor opened up a discussion on basic assumptions. These are thought patterns and beliefs that have been embraced by a society and therefore, automatic behavior. They display these beliefs without thinking.

He further explained that basic assumptions are near impossible to change, usually takes a long time and a very tough fight. People don’t give them up easily.

Sitting there, it dawned on me why I was always in trouble. All my life, I’ve attacked basic assumptions head on. Sometime it goes fairly well, but it’s often a rough fight.

Armed with this knowledge, I began to see the need for good strategy when challenging long standing beliefs, cultures and systems. I better understood why change can be difficult.

Thoughts are as concrete as bricks. It’s no joke! My experience has made me conscious of the thought patterns of the people with whom I conduct exchange. These beliefs determine everything.

Change is good. However, in the fight for change, one should first factor the reality on ground and then strategize on how to wisely navigate the terrain.


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