Screw It!

stevie-wonderWe don’t have to be prisoners of our roots. When it comes to success, where you come from is irrelevant if you know how to turn the tide. In this age of information overload, it’s almost inexcusable to blame your background for your demise. If Stevie Wonder excelled, so can you.

I know that many of us have come from some tough places. No attempt to disrespect that fact. But there’s another truth.

Your background has armed you with wisdom; insight that may not be accessed any other way. My fights, struggles and triumphs have wired me specially. I see things from a unique perspective. I have instincts that make function effortless. I’m fish in my waters. I flow!

So do you.

I suggest that you forgive your roots for the hurt and pain that it afflicted on your then naïve soul. Reconcile the hard facts. It’s not easy, but it can be done.


Pick up all the goodies that your background has built in you and rock it. Enjoy it because you deserve it.


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