DoYou3Last month, I was at a birthday party where the entry requirement was a water-gun. Needless to say, I got drenched severally during the ‘water-war’. It was awesome!

Then came the after party.

There I was seated on the ground in a warm space with a glass of red wine, surrounded by entrepreneurs, journalist, musicians, artists, film makers, thinkers…a brilliant group of young professionals. And we talked!

Deep intellectual exchange transpired. We veered into how people get inspired and someone in the group said, “Just do you”.

It got better.

The argument was simple. Stop working hard at trying to inspire people. Be who you’re supposed to be per time and people will be inspired, naturally – it’s automatic. Just do you!

I listened.

Generally, folks who change the world just set out to be who they know themselves to be. They simply respond to the impulses deep within their person.

From Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey; Steve Jobs to Malcolm Gladwell; Nelson Mandela to Al Pacino…these guys simply decided to be themselves and the world got inspired.


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