JoyRemember the water-gun party that I talked about in my last post? There’s more!

Prior to the party, I was on the phone with one of the celebrants. She was so excited about the concept of her party and was full of happiness just thinking about it. I later found out why.

Having life exactly the way that you want it can be intoxicating and exhilarating. My friends pictured their birthday party and got it exactly the way they had seen it. The water-guns, the laughter and people running around screaming with glee, others getting soaked (actually most people – no one was safe), barbeque, fun….everything! They got it.

It’s a very nourishing experience when your dream plays out right before your eyes. It is confirmation of your sanity. One more layer of strength is added to your soul and you’re instantly set up for the next dream.

When last did life play out exactly as you had pictured?

It’s your basic human right to enjoy life as you see it. If you’re living in an undesirable reality, you can change it. Start asking questions and the answers will find you.


2 thoughts on “Joy!

  1. Huh, that party that you had sure seems fun! About things in my life that went well as expected…hm, I guess accomplishing that group project well during my final year of high school can be an example. I was pretty pessimistic at first, but my groupmates and I managed to finish it well after I decided to shift my paradigm and be more optimistic and cooperative!

    Life may not go the way we want it to at some points, but we can still choose to keep calm and be optimistic! There’s always something good to learn from life’s challenges, alright!

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