strength2Still on the party!

There’s power in coming together. Thoughts flow. Ideas fly around. Imagination is explored. The weak is charged by the strong. Passion thickens. Energy is released into every vein. Changed is birthed when we come together.

That’s what happened at the after party.

Each person drew strength from the other. We all sat there cuddled up in warmth, sharing ‘war’ stories. We shared our experiences – the fights, struggles and triumphs; lessons learned from our journey.

The power began to emerge when people began to see possibilities. They heard new things. Each person’s story brought down the challenging walls in the other’s way. Folks began to realize that their dreams can be achieved. They gained fresh perspective and got empowered to try again. Wisdom flowed from each one’s lips…to the surprise of some; wise thoughts nonetheless. We were refreshed. Renewed!

As we journey through life, such experiences matter. These are times when you draw emotional strength from others. You’re confirmed not crazy by those who have dared to dream just like you.


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