Work the Net

workthenetAs we approached the end of the after party, the atmosphere was fantastic. Someone dropped another thought. She opened up the angle of follow through on the ideas of the night. That’s when I realized how thorough the group was. Everyone was conscious of what was happening.

She talked about being there for each other’s dreams; giving the necessary support at the time of need; picking up the phone when someone needs you and providing the kind of insight that births solutions.

In other words, my capacity is available to you.


My friends and I are determined to go beyond words as we commit to greatness. Each one is excited about the other’s dream and would give their strength in order for another to reach their goal.

As we said our goodbyes, everyone understood that they have comrades ready to get in on their battle. We reaffirmed our support system and felt like kids ‘high’ on sweets. Happiness was in the air.

Reminds me of the three musketeers…all for one, one for all. Just that this time, we were more than three.


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