How About Life?

enjoyment3Adulthood sucks – sometimes. Suddenly you have to deal with bills, kids, complex emotions, sticky situations, etc. There are moments when you crave being young, wild and ‘free’ – totally irresponsible. What bothers me the most about adulthood is how people easily give up on life. They ‘die’; they stop living.

I strongly refuse to ‘die’ and don’t have time for it. Situations have tried to ‘kill’ me, but I just don’t see the point.

How about the joys of life? How about laughter…good food…fine wine…great friends…birds…art…trees…fresh air…the deep knowing that you are loved? How about the simple pleasures that make life complete?

What are you really enjoying?

I’m a stubborn adult. I’ve made a firm resolve to enjoy my life. We’re here to enjoy every part of the journey – the good, bad and ugly. Life is a grand scheme to do us good.

I know it gets tough sometimes, but that’s life. It’s got its trying times; however, that’s not the whole picture.

This might sound like the ranting of a raving idealist, but when was the last time that you lived? Or, have you ever lived?


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