Good Stuff!

goodstuff2I love my job. What I do is exciting. Writing, thinking and speaking thrills me. I love strategy; making ideas come alive. I thoroughly enjoy making people’s lives easier.

I derive insane pleasure from great delivery. Problem solved and you see that smile of satisfaction on your client’s face…priceless!

It’s the joy of work.

Getting here was not a walk in the park. It took time, sweat and a good fight. I encountered the struggles that you face when you refuse to conform to social norms. We know the script: go to school, work hard and get a good job; but how about your true path?

Life is meaningful when you’re on your path or in the process of discovery…the key is to always have your path in focus…no matter the detours.

If you’re stuck in a job that you hate, working for people you can’t stand…don’t worry! There’s a way out. Simply discover what you want to do and plot your exit over time.

When you wake up daily to do satisfying work…now, that’s the good life!


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