junky3I’m a culture junkie. I relish difference. It hit me as I enjoyed a chat with a young lady from Bosnia. A few weeks ago, I found myself in a gathering that was practically the ‘United Nations’. By the end of the night, I had an Italian ‘cousin’. It was brilliant!

Every culture is a new world; an aspect of humanity that’s worth exploring. The way people think, what they eat, how they dance, how they talk, etc…all paint a vivid image of a rare scope to life. It’s a ‘banquet’ of meaning and every time, without thinking, I dig in.

This ‘condition’ makes me want to live everywhere, know everything about every people group and participate in every cultural flavor. Restlessness is usually the result. But that’s OK! It keeps me hungry for more.

In my view, life’s richer when you venture out into the ocean of cultures. Should you have the chance to experience a different angle to life? I suggest you take it…may not be comfortable at first…but I guarantee, you’ll learn something new.


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