Mountain Tricks

junky2I’ve heard folks compare cities and argue that people from one city are ‘slower’ than people from another. In that case, I proceed to ask a few questions about each city’s dynamics and try to reveal the fault lines in the ‘slow’ theory.

Every location has its wisdom based on many factors at play. The thinking required to thrive in Boston is different from the one required to succeed in Nairobi. The mix of history, commerce, traditions, ancestry, climate, etc…come together to affect the rhythm of any place. Hence, people develop mechanisms to adapt to each location.

This is clearly a debate.

My point: every place has a significant lesson to teach and an inherent advantage…its unique signature. The survival skills needed for the mountain is not the same for the valley.

As you wade through cultures and where they exist, it is important to keep an open mind. Expect it to be different from what you’ve always known. It’s near silly to expect the same experiences from Mombasa as you would from New York. Probably won’t happen.


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