cocktailBy age 30, it’s not unusual to find folks who have studied, lived and worked in at least three countries. Also, it’s easy to find organizations where the CEO is Turkish, the CFO American and the COO Kenyan. Diversity in the workplace cannot be ignored. In this case, how do you lead in a cultural mix?

Be Interested. Genuinely seek to add value to the lives of your team members without letting the cultural differences put you off. In certain work places, people keep contact at bare minimum due to racial or tribal differences. Not cool!

Anticipate Difference Views. It is wise to expect a difference in ideas, methods and beliefs in a multicultural work space. Expect it. This way you’re better equipped to absorb the culture shock. I wonder why people expect folks from different cultures to be just like them…beats me.

Agree on One Focus. A clear, shared vision is powerful enough to bring all kinds of people together. When the vision is clear, then there’s greater room for flexibility when it comes to methods. Despite the challenges, once folks agree, the effect is powerful.


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