We Try

Around the Games: Day 0 - 2014 Winter Olympic Games“…Some departments at NASA, for instance, were overhauling themselves by deliberately instituting organization routines that encouraged engineers to take more risks.

When unmanned rockets exploded on takeoff, department heads would applaud, so that everyone would know their division had tried and failed, but at least they had tried. Eventually, mission control filled with applause every time something expensive blew up…”

That’s an excerpt from Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit. Awesome work!

Even NASA understands.

A huge part of success is the attempt. We now enjoy so many tech advancements because someone decided to try. These guys took the first step. They probably failed several times, but that’s irrelevant. They tried.

And guess who succeeds eventually?

Interesting how the biggest critics are usually those who attempt nothing. They play professional sports from the sidelines and never get their hands dirty. The best ‘free throws’ are made from their seats.

Choosing to try frees us from the fear of failure. Think it. Go out there. Do it. If it works, great! Then improve on it. If it fails, applaud and start over.

Always try!


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