Self Doubt

selfdoubtEvery time I visited with him, I felt like half-myself. This ‘friend’ was skilled at making me feel like my life was a mistake. He would talk down my career and made me wobble in my path. When I noticed the trend, I ended the friendship.

That’s one aspect.

How about times when your own self-defeating beliefs cause you to devalue yourself? What is your self image?

The more I study leaders, the more I see how the person’s perspective of self affects strategy, tactics and delivery.

Also, it’s almost shocking to know that some folks are unconscious about how they see themselves. Life happened to them, shaped their perspective and they’ve not bothered to review it.

When you think less of yourself, the world around you suffers. You make choices that work against your brand and the consequences cause more problems than you bargained for. In dealing with those problems, you lose plenty of time. It’s a complete mess; a vicious cycle.

Now you know better.


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