No Fighting

nofightingAs a teenager, you ushered your parents into the hottest of hell; you terrorized them. Guilty or not guilty? I can see your cheeky smile. Now, you’re a responsible professional adult, but it’s not always been this way.

What caused the change?


During those teen ‘terror’ years, parents seldom ‘throw away’ their children. Usually they endure, try out every measure that they can to contain the wild child and some even pray…a lot! Overall, these parents deeply love their children and want the best for them, despite their annoying attitude.

Growth is messy!

We’re all at different levels of growth…and sometimes, the process can be unpleasant or difficult for others. Often, these growth stages are necessary for folks to become who they ought to be.

The growth process does not stop at teen-age. You face it every day at work, home…every aspect of life. However, understanding the nature of growth keeps you at peace. That way, you’re able to offer intelligent help.

Hang in there!


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