common4Oxygen is one of the free elements of nature. It’s not bought or sold…on endless supply. We breathe without thinking, not worried about the next drag of air. Likewise, ideas are elements freely floating in the air, unseen and trapped only by receptive minds.

Great ideas are no luxury items. They are as cheap as wares from a flea market. These elements never change the world. Daily, people throw them around, thought after thought. Few really care.

We talk about ideas at coffee shops; at the club; while listening to a live band and enjoying a smoke; over meals; as pillow talk with lovers; at parties…everywhere…we talk, talk and talk!

Sadly, many of the ideas that we talk about never walk around. We leave them in the air. They may never be seen or know reality. Yet we call them ‘great’.

I lost my excitement for ‘great’ ideas. It just left me. As a dreamer, I basked in the thought of possibilities for many years. I thought ideas were special…rare gems found only in the deep of the earth. Guess what? They’re not. Ideas are as ordinary as dust. Found everywhere!


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