Ping Pong

pingpong2Six frogs sat on a lily pad. One decided to jump off. How many were left?

The first time I heard that, without much thought, my answer was five. I was rightly wrong.

Six frogs is the right answer.

The frog only decided to, but didn’t jump. It had the idea.

When ‘great’ ideas hit our minds and we do nothing about them, guess what happens? Nothing! It becomes only a passing thought. Action is the bedrock of ideas; that’s what makes them great.

Once I was watching a martial arts movie. In one of the fight scenes, one guy started threatening his opponent. “I will destroy you”, he said. The other man replied, “Why don’t you shut up and just do it”.

The journey from idea to reality is often not an easy one. That’s why many enjoy the momentary thrill of day dreaming and promptly forget about the thoughts once the session ends.

Imagine Barrack Obama never acted on his idea to run for the U.S. presidency. We would have lost an important piece of history. It wasn’t a pleasant chat over coffee. He actually did it.


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