My Baby

wetry8These ones are strange. Not your typical infant. They’re small with well developed minds and solid will; grown babies.

Every idea is a baby!

They’re slippery little ones. Unlike a normal child, they move seamlessly from home to home. Ideas decide where they live.

Over lunch one time, a friend told me about how he once had an idea for a book. He held this thought for over four years. Only to discover the exact same title on a book shelf during his vacation in South Africa. Someone had written the book the year before. The idea moved!

Ideas demand complete obedience. You succeed with them only when you stick to the script. The map is delivered and the treasure chest is found when it’s followed. It’s their way or the highway.

Ideas are scope driven. Hollywood and Nollywood are two different systems. As an actor, you can decide to succeed in any one. Lupita Nyong’o plugged in her idea into the Hollywood system (she chose that scope), paid the price and is currently enjoying the rewards. You choose the playing field for your ideas.

There’s so much I could say.


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