Safe Place

safeplaceLeaders have the unique ability to make or break others. You could have a crazy ‘Hitler’ kind of boss or one who is genuinely interested in your growth and wants to see you do well. Either way, the effects are tangible.

How do leaders go about the make or break business? Simple…

They create an environment!

This involves a systematic flow of words, actions and activities designed to shape you into the picture that they see. That’s the essence of vision; it’s a mind-shaping instrument.

Discomfort is released into the air when the visionary has limited scope and the leader is not able to see far. Hence, the environment becomes unsafe. Great ideas seldom grow or flourish in such a place.

One sign of danger is ego trip. The leader is too insecure to allow fresh perspective from others. Generally, they cannot be questioned or challenged and only what they think goes.

These leaders are careful to build systems where nothing moves without their approval. The team is not adequately empowered to make key decisions in their absence. And they wonder why innovation dies at their doorstep?


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