Getting Good

MrsCarterMrs. Carter is phenomenal. I’m never tired of watching her: I AM…World Tour. She delivered consistently in a 108 shows. The woman had fans going wild. I also go wild, but for a different reason – her backstage performance.

I know that the spotlight is merely the result of hours of back breaking work. The best spend a lot of resources, daily perfecting their craft. Now, that process gets me very excited.

The greats are keenly aware about their current level of performance and where they want it to be. Hence, they develop a well structured growth plan to help them get better.

Good mastery of your craft is guaranteed to make the ‘fans’ shout – in any field. It’s a law. It’s automatic. So you need not worry about the ‘fans’…get really good and they will find you. Investing in your craft is good strategy.

I’m always working with the next level in view. I know what I’ve signed up for. It’s going to take time, energy, money, sacrifice, etc…to perfect my craft and I’m ready.

You enjoyed the concert, but putting it together was no walk in the park. Ask Mrs. Carter.


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