The Boring Stuff

BoringThe idea of greatness conveys the feeling of grandiose activities that raid the spotlight, commanding the kind of attention that gets the honor and reward it deserves. However, there’s another truth.

Greatness from any angle consists of a string of mostly boring activities. Before the actor, Nicholas Cage, got on stage to receive his Oscar award, he had been through so many less glorious moments to get there.

It’s called small wins. For the Olympic gold medalist, it’s winning the small battles of: waking up early, daily maintaining a healthy diet, hours of training…the list goes on!

Greatness is a string of small wins.

Mastery of the boring stuff is what the masters do daily when nobody’s watching. They develop a systematic, consistent and focused approach to what they want to achieve. Slaving away in practice; perfecting their craft…usually for many years. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book, Outliers, explained this sighting the 10,000-Hour Rule.

People seldom start at the spotlight. Usually you do those seemingly insignificant chores that no one would applaud you for. Completely ignored, yet consistent! That’s the path to significance.

Are you ready?


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