The Art of Being There

artIt’s an unwritten rule in relationships. In our minds, we are generally sure of ourselves. We’re convinced that, in good or bad times, we’ll be there for those we care about as required. We believe we have what it takes.

Then comes the test!

I’ve seen relationships crumble in the face of pressure of all kinds (we often think pressure means bad times, but good can also cause trouble). Usually, when this happens, the person in need of support is left shocked.

It’s easy to assume that you have what it takes to really be there for another. That’s the assumption that’s challenged when situations arise. Do you really have the capacity or you think you do?

This is one reason folks surprise themselves when the occasion demands their strength. They behave in ways that they never thought they could.

The principle is simple: you cannot give what you don’t have. If your capacity is low, your intentions won’t matter. You simply don’t have the energy, resources or aptitude to give adequate support of any kind.

Find out what you can handle!


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