Like a Virgin

likeAvirginI recall the first time I was scheduled to speak at a major conference at 19. I was a nervous wreck. Speaking was not a strange art, but this time, I was going to be addressing a crowd of over 7000 people. It was a fun prospect at first, and then my nerves gave way the night before. I could barely sleep.

My talk was successful. However, I relive that moment frequently. It’s a constant reminder that nervousness does not mean you’re not ready. In fact, after years of speaking, I still get a little nervous before each speech.

The moment I’m on stage, I instantly get calm and I flow. Why? I’m prepared. Hence, once it’s time to get the job done, my nerves surrender to the power of preparation. The crazy feeling that I get before speaking is now a signal that everything is going to be alright.

Whenever you’re faced with taking a dream-step for the first time let your nerves serve you. It’s OK to feel crazy. It shows that you care. Just don’t stop!



OthersGreatness entails much more than fame, wealth and riches. Those are elements symbolic of your effort. The core of greatness is others.

The late sales guru, Zig Ziglar, once said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

When your skill gives others what they want or need, greatness is the result. Folks recognize that what you bring solves problems and want more of it. Serving others gets you where you need to be quicker. It’s clock-work.

Greatness occurs only when others are involved. You’re certified great when a critical mass of people agree to your level of skill.

Imagine Celine Dion decided to only sing in her bathroom and we never heard her amazing voice? That’s not a happy thought. The cycle would be incomplete if she didn’t serve the world with her voice.

Your gifts are not for your pleasure alone. Greatness demands that you share.

The Help

TheHelp5It’s a privilege to be in a position to assist anyone in life. We feel good when we willfully offer solutions to another. That said. There’s a way to help and a way not to. Helping is an art.

Sometime back, a prominent leader complained to me that people would often turn against him even after he’s helped them greatly. More like they pay his good deeds with evil. I heard him out and then started asking questions.

I discovered that help void of dignity is NO help. This leader helped people, but stripped them of dignity in the process. They in turn attacked him when they got the chance.

Dignity is a key element in the art of helping others. When people lose their sense of worth in the process of receiving your help, they tend to quickly forget your act of generosity. If not handled maturely, it’s like the help never happened.

If your effort produces regret in the heart of the helped, you probably failed in the art.

No dignity, No help!

Pata Pata Dance

patapata5The cycle of reading and writing is intimate. Every good writer knows this. They pen (or type) words that resonate with others. This resonance forms the root of an emotional connection. The reader instantly feels completely understood by the writer. Suddenly, they’re friends.

The emotional connection is where minds meet to find solutions; to seek answers or just talk. It’s the place of critical thinking; a place in thought where the readers and writers dialogue though miles or spheres apart. No physical contact, yet intense exchange. They talk as friends…extensively…and even draw conclusions.

It’s a dance that only the two understand. Also, the writer is able to uniquely have this dance with each reader. No experience is the same. The writer is able to walk a separate path with each individual to achieve tailored results.

I enjoy the dance!

The writer has been empowered to sit in the cafe with you, travel with you on vacation, speak to you at private moments, help with decision making in the boardroom, hang with you at the club with friends…do life with you. It’s deep exchange.

It’s an honor to serve in this way.

Well-Crafted Argument

René Redzepi in Copenhagen.Don’t you just love a well-written script? It’s up there with orgasm; when a writer has taken the time to deeply explore a subject and presents it nicely like a delicious meal. And the reader savors the pages in utter disbelief, yet wrapped in intense pleasure. Awesome stuff!

When writers write well, they value the readers…just as readers appreciate writers. This cycle sums up the reading experience.

Like a painter, the writer ponders every word as it is a stroke on the reader’s mind. They research facts, capture experiences and relay thoughts within the same intensity as a celebrated gourmet chef.

Writers obsess over words, sentence structure and arrangement…and its impact on the soul. Sometimes, pieces are re-written over and over, in search of perfection. You want this meal served just right…ask renowned Danish chef, Rene Redzepi.

Good writers understand that people’s lives depend on their words – literally. Someone would read and change. So then these literary minds work hard to ensure that they’re midwives for positive change.

Big responsibility!


seekers4You were designed to solve a problem. Everyone is. Hence, when I think solutions, I think people. Someone on the planet has the answers to my questions and finding it is my responsibility. They even have books. I’m willing to buy.

When I have a bugging question on my mind, I instinctively head to I want to know if someone has written a book on the subject. It’s interesting the solutions that you find and the difference that it makes.

One of my mentors started playing the game of badminton. He told me that a month into his new hobby, he bought a little book on the sport and his game improved drastically.

Someone has been designed to think through a subject in detail and have solutions that would blow your mind. They’ve also painstakingly put together several years of experience on that subject in a book for just $11.99. I think that’s a fair deal.

Books have answers. I suggest you look for them. Possibly, the solution to your pain is only a read away.

Rwanda Humura

Rwanda3As Rwandans, our dance dominates space. We sway from side to side like royals, with our hands artfully held in with air and peaceful smiles that show we’re in charge. We’re warriors…remember? Now, that we’ve danced into this future…what next?

It can only get better!

Rwanda is Africa’s leadership hub. The pain was the tunnel to power. What we endured strengthened our souls. We possess skill that can only be obtained in a furnace. We’ve experienced humanity’s deep end and we’re ready to take on the future as wise men and women.

In rebuilding our nation, we got to understand the dynamics of process; the importance of steadily putting one foot in front of the next. It might take 20 years, but we know how to sustain hope; we’re masters at it. We’re skillful at capturing the future.

We’ve decided to live again. Yes, the past happened, but pain is not our name. We’re warriors. That’s why we live on hills and drink white water fresh from our cows while surfing the net on our iPads. We strategically invest our pain and buy the future. We’re forward thinking. We win.

Viva Rwanda!