The Art of Being There 2.0

art2If you’ve ever had to take care of an ailing loved one over a prolonged period, endured the growth stages of a wild child or stood by a loved one’s dream for long (that may or may not have come true)…one thing is certain: it can be draining!

We take it for granted that the art of standing with another requires emotional investment; this aspect is usually unprepared for. Many are spent trying to show care because they ignore a vital element. That is…

Emotional Energy!

Of all the things involved in supporting another, I’m convinced this makes the top three.

You see, we’re emotionally attached to the people that we care about. Our level of emotional energy often determines our level of function in these relationships.

Emotion is currency.

Hence, in the business of being there, it’s important to stock up on emotional strength. When a person is emotionally drained, it’s not uncommon that they change into someone that we don’t recognize.

A fragile soul seldom has the power to carry another. It’s an unfair request.


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