The Art of Being There 3.0

Art Basel 2013One of my mentors is a global business leader. His schedule is frightening. This man is on at least four continents monthly. He’s got a daily email overload and the demand on his time is simply insane.

However, every time we meet, his energy level is always high. The folks that work with him can barely keep up with his zest. He’s too alive!

One day over dinner, I asked him how he does it. He told me he has a system that keeps him fresh; a replenishment system.

He went on to explain that his job requires that he constantly pours out of his soul into others and that if he didn’t have a way to refill, he would drain out.

His system involves his own mentors, good friends, fun family life, a health plan, interesting books, enlightening experiences, etc. My mentor takes very good care of himself. That way, he’s at his best for others.

Little success is achieved when you attempt to support another while you’re running on empty. As you strengthen others, someone should also strengthen you. It is the Cycle of Life.


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