The Art of Being There 4.0

art4As a child, my favorite word was: NO. That word flowed freely; I loved it. As I balanced my response pattern over time, I realized that it’s sometimes tough to say no to those you care about.

Now, that’s where the trap lies.

Consciously or not, we expect certain people to naturally be there for us without thinking about their capacity to do so. No questions asked. Sometimes this expectation puts undue pressure on others. As far as we’re concerned, they dare not say no.

There are times when your boss, parents, spouse, friends, etc, have limitations and genuinely cannot be there for you, even if they wanted to. Accept it.

In our dealings with others, it’s helpful to know what people are able to deliver and exchange accordingly. As leaders, it’s sometimes costly to be oblivious to this fact. It’s easy for people to digress from a leader’s vision when they’ve not been equipped to give what’s being demanded.

It’s wise for the supported to be skilled at managing expectations. It’s no use trying to withdraw beyond what can be offered.


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