The Art of Being There 5.0

art6“Let’s talk about sex baby”. That’s a line from Salt-n-Pepa’s hit song, Let’s Talk About Sex. Let’s talk; that’s the emphasis.

In this case, talk about what?

I encourage people to progressively talk about what being there for each other means, so that everyone’s clear. An open discussion of what it looks like. When left to assumption, normally it sets the stage for hurt.

When you go through life-changing events, it affects everyone around you. In such instances, what are your loved ones supposed to do? What’s expected and not? What are the limits? Are they trapped for life due to your challenge? These are tough questions, but they’re real.

Just talk!

It’s easy for people to live in guilt due to unclear communication as to how to react or behave at tricky times (good or bad). Your loved ones have lives too…deserving of respect.

The open, clearly thought out exchange is designed to set each individual in the relationship free to express care within their capacity. The outcome may not be perfect, but it’s nice to have a framework with which to work.



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