Rwanda Humura

Rwanda3As Rwandans, our dance dominates space. We sway from side to side like royals, with our hands artfully held in with air and peaceful smiles that show we’re in charge. We’re warriors…remember? Now, that we’ve danced into this future…what next?

It can only get better!

Rwanda is Africa’s leadership hub. The pain was the tunnel to power. What we endured strengthened our souls. We possess skill that can only be obtained in a furnace. We’ve experienced humanity’s deep end and we’re ready to take on the future as wise men and women.

In rebuilding our nation, we got to understand the dynamics of process; the importance of steadily putting one foot in front of the next. It might take 20 years, but we know how to sustain hope; we’re masters at it. We’re skillful at capturing the future.

We’ve decided to live again. Yes, the past happened, but pain is not our name. We’re warriors. That’s why we live on hills and drink white water fresh from our cows while surfing the net on our iPads. We strategically invest our pain and buy the future. We’re forward thinking. We win.

Viva Rwanda!


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