Rwanda flag boyTwenty years ago this week, evil attacked the land of a thousand hills, great bananas, happy cows and really good fresh milk. It’s a very hard piece of history; 100 days of horror. Yet, the people of Rwanda have triumphed.

Rwanda proves three things…

One: hate will always lose. Whatever caused the brutal killings of almost a million people was narrow in scope. Evil is easily deceived to think that its success is long-term. Today, despite the ordeal, Rwanda stands tall as a strong, sovereign nation.

Two: pain is no excuse to be stuck in the past. As Rwandans, we’ll never forget history. However, we understand that a bright future is more attractive than a painful past. On that note, we get busy with building a delightful future. We remember, but we’re not stuck.

Three: even in pain, warriors are still warriors.  The success that Rwanda now enjoys couldn’t have been attained without a good fight. For 20 years, Rwandans have engaged in a much tougher fight on an emotional level; the fight within. As warriors, we daily wade through complex, difficult emotions to make sense of life and keep winning. And we’ll never stop!


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