seekers4You were designed to solve a problem. Everyone is. Hence, when I think solutions, I think people. Someone on the planet has the answers to my questions and finding it is my responsibility. They even have books. I’m willing to buy.

When I have a bugging question on my mind, I instinctively head to I want to know if someone has written a book on the subject. It’s interesting the solutions that you find and the difference that it makes.

One of my mentors started playing the game of badminton. He told me that a month into his new hobby, he bought a little book on the sport and his game improved drastically.

Someone has been designed to think through a subject in detail and have solutions that would blow your mind. They’ve also painstakingly put together several years of experience on that subject in a book for just $11.99. I think that’s a fair deal.

Books have answers. I suggest you look for them. Possibly, the solution to your pain is only a read away.


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