Well-Crafted Argument

René Redzepi in Copenhagen.Don’t you just love a well-written script? It’s up there with orgasm; when a writer has taken the time to deeply explore a subject and presents it nicely like a delicious meal. And the reader savors the pages in utter disbelief, yet wrapped in intense pleasure. Awesome stuff!

When writers write well, they value the readers…just as readers appreciate writers. This cycle sums up the reading experience.

Like a painter, the writer ponders every word as it is a stroke on the reader’s mind. They research facts, capture experiences and relay thoughts within the same intensity as a celebrated gourmet chef.

Writers obsess over words, sentence structure and arrangement…and its impact on the soul. Sometimes, pieces are re-written over and over, in search of perfection. You want this meal served just right…ask renowned Danish chef, Rene Redzepi.

Good writers understand that people’s lives depend on their words – literally. Someone would read and change. So then these literary minds work hard to ensure that they’re midwives for positive change.

Big responsibility!


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