Pata Pata Dance

patapata5The cycle of reading and writing is intimate. Every good writer knows this. They pen (or type) words that resonate with others. This resonance forms the root of an emotional connection. The reader instantly feels completely understood by the writer. Suddenly, they’re friends.

The emotional connection is where minds meet to find solutions; to seek answers or just talk. It’s the place of critical thinking; a place in thought where the readers and writers dialogue though miles or spheres apart. No physical contact, yet intense exchange. They talk as friends…extensively…and even draw conclusions.

It’s a dance that only the two understand. Also, the writer is able to uniquely have this dance with each reader. No experience is the same. The writer is able to walk a separate path with each individual to achieve tailored results.

I enjoy the dance!

The writer has been empowered to sit in the cafe with you, travel with you on vacation, speak to you at private moments, help with decision making in the boardroom, hang with you at the club with friends…do life with you. It’s deep exchange.

It’s an honor to serve in this way.


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