The Help

TheHelp5It’s a privilege to be in a position to assist anyone in life. We feel good when we willfully offer solutions to another. That said. There’s a way to help and a way not to. Helping is an art.

Sometime back, a prominent leader complained to me that people would often turn against him even after he’s helped them greatly. More like they pay his good deeds with evil. I heard him out and then started asking questions.

I discovered that help void of dignity is NO help. This leader helped people, but stripped them of dignity in the process. They in turn attacked him when they got the chance.

Dignity is a key element in the art of helping others. When people lose their sense of worth in the process of receiving your help, they tend to quickly forget your act of generosity. If not handled maturely, it’s like the help never happened.

If your effort produces regret in the heart of the helped, you probably failed in the art.

No dignity, No help!


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